What’s going on with the pool?

So, everyone wants to know what’s going on with the pool. The answer is complex and we will give the details to everyone as soon as we get them too!

The pool house is falling apart and has been vandalized. We had an engineer inspect it to tell us what was going on with it. From that report it was determined that the pool house was not safe for public use and needed to be torn down and rebuilt instead of trying to fix it. It has sunk 6 inches or more on one side and has caused an unstable foundation.

We have had 4 different contractors come out and take a look at the structure to give us quotes on the tear down and rebuild of the pool house. We are waiting on those quotes to all come in so we can pick the most logical one for us.

In the meantime we tried to obtain an pre-approval letter from a bank for a loan to take on this project but the banks wont give us anything because of our delinquent accounts. We then changed our focus to be cleaning up those accounts in order to move forward.

It is our top priority to get the pool open as soon as possible. If you are interested in helping the efforts in any way please contact our rep at Heritage, Carla.

More to come soon.


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