We have had several homeowners concerned about how to get updates. We have donated our time to secure a website that is easy for everyone to access and that the board members all have access to post on. We will keep you updated here moving forward.

Please do not use this as a way to cause problems. We want this to be an outlet for all homeowners to have a place to connect and be heard but not to threaten. We also hope this will help us all stay involved and make our neighborhood nice, fun, and safe for everyone!


6 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Would love to see sod put down on the area going out of our development, as it could be a lovely entrance way. I am not against helping with this, nor is my husband. We also need to address the number of cars around some homes and in the road, not to mention the parking lot. I believe our covenant states that there are not to be cars in the road.

      1. Grass is growing in the spots where there is grass, even though there are trees. It would make the entrance way so much nicer. Even if we could have people volunteer to help. Also, how would we get the lights on the entrance sign to work again?

  2. Where can I find the rules/covenant for our HOA community? What is the proper way to notify you so we can help you enforce them and/or to let you know when things need fixing around the neighborhood?

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