Latest from the Board Meeting

The contractors got us their bids, the board has been working as much as possible to make sure that we do our best to have the pool open this Memorial Day 2018! There are no set dates yet. The bids came in really high. The most reasonable, not the cheapest, sent a representative to meet with the board where we discovered a lot of things about them which caused us to send the proposal to Heritage to review for legal reasons. We will be meeting with Heritage’s construction department on Friday to discuss the possibility of them taking over this project. The board has had little luck getting finances secured for this. The board is dedicated to NOT raising the annual dues. This being said it has taken much longer than anyone likes but we have not stopped trying to push forward with getting the pool house rebuilt and the pool opened for service.

The board members volunteered their Saturday to clean up the remaining items in the pool house before we demo. We have found that there have been gatherings a the pool house resulting in further damage to the structure, as well as lots of trash being thrown around. We ask that you please stay out of the pool house, and talk to your teens about it as well, as it is not only closed for use but also considered unsafe to enter by Ray Engineering.

The pool company has kindly stored our pump for us at no charge so that it will not be damaged while we get the pool house taken care of. That was secured in early September.

We have had some discussions with Heritage about violations and notices, as well as collections. We will have to get more aggressive on collecting from delinquent accounts in order to secure a loan to get the pool house project complete.

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