This is where you should find answers to the most common questions we get.

Who Do I talk to about... ?

Heritage, the answer is always Heritage. We pay them to manage the community in full. They have access to all documents, notes, procedures, etc. They are everyones main point of contact. Heritage looks to the board for approval on major items simply for a decision, they make recommendations and execute all things HOA related.

How Do I get Updates?

Right here. We will be posting updates to this site moving forward. Look at the Blog section. In the past we were told that updates were being sent from Heritage but it seems that most of us have not been receiving those.

How do I contact the Board?

Right here. Visit the contact us page and fill out the form, the email will be sent to the board members as well as our rep at Heritage. Someone will get back to you, Heritage is paid to handle such matters but if you address the board directly please know that the board is a group of volunteers with full time jobs and families to tend to first but board matters will be handled in a timely matter.

Who is the HOA?

If you own a home in Bradford Farms, you are the HOA. All home owners have equal ownership in the Home Owners Association. All homeowners should treat the property as their own and take on the burden of maintaining the community equally as well. You do not pay a company for a service, you pay dues in order to have a nice, safe, fun place to live.

What are my annual dues being used for?

You can get specifics on the budget at the annual meeting. But from a high level the annual dues pay for the lights at the front entrance and the pool house area. They pay the landscapers to keep the flowers, bushes, trees and grass nice in our common areas. Heritage is paid out of the annual dues. And special events are funded from the dues as well.

What special events do we do as a community?

We hold an Easter egg hunt every year for the kids. We try to get a Santa out to see the kids and get pictures with him yearly if we can get one booked in time (they become popular fast!). Other events are planned through out the year as interest is made in them.