Board Update

Against the recommendation of several influencers, the board of directors have voted and decided NOT to raise the annual dues even considering the pool and pool house situation. It would speed things along and help with the current financing issues that keep stopping progress but it was decided that the board will continue to communicate what is going on as best they can and keep the annual dues where they currently are for 2018.

The board has meet with three construction/contractor companies, one of those being Heritage’s internal construction department, and are currently waiting to get those quotes back. Once those quotes are in the board can once again try to obtain a loan for this project.

The current plan is to get things moving in stages. Stage one was to have the pump for the pool secured and the pool house items sorted through, the board volunteered their time and took care of this last month. Our pool maintenance company is kindly storing the pump in their secure facility and will return it when we are ready to open the pool again. Stage two will be demo of the current hazardous building. Stage three is to obtain a loan to pay the contractor and an engineer to soil test (to figure out why the current building settled more than 6 inches). Stage four will be to grade the land for the new structure and then rebuild. Stage five will be to get the pump reinstalled and the pool cleaned.

The board is continuing to address as many other issues as possible. Our annual meeting will be coming up soon and we need as much participation as possible in order to make changes for the better.

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