The association is created to preserve the concept of planned residential living. The officers and directors are charged with the responsibility of ensuring its success. These responsibilities can be significant and their implementation is governed by formal procedures. The association gives continuity to the community, preserves the architectural integrity and it maintains the common properties.

Leaders of homeowners association are volunteers and residents of the community.  They are confronted with enforcing the covenants and restrictions among their neighbors and balancing community goals and the rights of individual owners.  The officers carry out their duties within the formal confines of the governing documents, the rules of parliamentary procedure and applicable law.

Purchase of a home, or lot, in Bradford Farms subdivision brings with it membership in the homeowners association which provides the structure for operation and management of the residential community concept. Membership includes certain mandatory obligations, financial responsibilities and a commitment to abide by the use restrictions and rules of the association. To be successful the community must be properly run by its officers and it must have some level of participation by each of its members.

The collective goal of the homeowners association is to maintain the quality of the property and the lifestyle envisioned by the planned residential development. Apathy by individual members can render the association ineffective and can destroy the community concept.

All homeowners associations are required to hold at least one regular membership meeting each year. The primary purpose for the annual meeting is to fill expiring terms on the board of directors. All association financials are discussed at annual meetings.

Meet the Board of Directors

The board of directors are the volunteers who keep open communication between all the home owners
and the management company. There are no perks to it other than standing up and doing something around the community.


Cam Padgett






Bill O'Bryan

Vice President



Architectural Review Community


Angel Person



Krista Brito

Heritage Property
Property Mananger


Our Approach

We are not offering any incentives to take care of the community you live in. Every board member is on a volunteer basis only and does not receive special treatments at all. The best incentive we can think of is to have a nice, safe, fun place to live with a high home value. So everyone should take pride in the neighborhood and do your part!

Our Story

Bradford Farms has been around since the late 1990's. The neighborhood has been managed by Heritage Property Management for the past several years. They are our point of contact for all things HOA related. It is their job to maintain our facilities, answer questions, manage finances, uphold our covenants as well as tend to homeowner requests.

Next Steps...

Contact Heritage Property Management for any questions or concerns you might have.